Some Facts About Massage Therapy Jobs

Americans are spending approximately six billion dollars each year on massage therapy alone …

A new career option that is being considered more and more by a greater number of people is that of becoming a certified and licensed as well registered massage therapist, and it is something that more people in the health care profession are taking to, and one of the reasons for this new interest is that Americans are spending approximately six billion dollars each year on massage therapy alone. However, an equally revealing other statistic informs us that as many as fifty percent plus of trained massage therapists actually give up their massage therapy jobs within twelve months of becoming certified.

Do Your Homework First

It thus pays to learn up everything there is to know about massage therapy jobs before considering it as a career option, and not make the mistake of entering into this profession without having done the necessary homework. You should realize at the beginning that there is also a mental side to performing the different massage therapy jobs that are apart from the physical side of working in such a profession. So, if you are considering massage therapy jobs, you should first do the proper research on this type of work, as well as learn up about different types of massages in which to get trained.

Essentially, massage therapy jobs involves having to manipulate soft tissues of the body so that there is therapeutic effect provided to the client, and it should also result in reducing stress levels as well as eases the tension in muscles and also joints. In addition, the aim of massage therapy jobs is to stimulate the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation as well as becalm nerves.

In order to become a massage therapist, you will first need to get board certification and then apply for and get you a license from whichever state or county or city you plan to perform the massage therapy jobs, and to increase you chances of getting work, you may also think about registering with professional associations that will help you in this regard.

In fact, you should not find it difficult in getting massage therapy jobs since the job opportunities are pretty good, and besides massage therapy clinics, you can also find work with sports teams, health or fitness clubs, chiropractor’s offices as well as spas and even nursing homes. Also, you can expect to make good money from the massage therapy jobs that you will do and hourly rates vary from thirty to sixty dollars which depend on the city and location, though don’t expect to work for very long hours. However, a downside is that there are few career advancement opportunities and you can only get ahead through learning more advanced techniques as well as by charging more for your services.


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